Innovative, effective and performance-based camo. That's what we're all about.

If you're looking for the same camouflage your competition is using, turn back now. But, if you are brave enough to Blaze Your Own Trail, then take a look at what we have to offer.

trails begin here

Does your company pride itself on innovation and cutting-edge products? Yes?

Then why should you settle for the same camouflage used by your competition?

If you're ready to Blaze Your Own Trail, partner and license with the Hunting Attractions team.

about the herd

A ham sandwich on a logging road during a mule deer hunt was the catalyst we needed to turn our dissatisfaction with traditional camouflage into an adventure.

Read all about our herd.

fresh tracks

Hunting Attractions debuts "Blaze Your Own Trail" line. View more here.

Duck for Cover Umbrellas offered in HA's Reeds and Weeds pattern. Check them out here.

High Contrast